Letter To The Editor: PNM Sale To AVANGRID Will Cost New Mexicans A Fortune

Los Alamos

I want to thank PERRY KLARE Esq. for alerting our community to this dangerous plan to have two foreign entities take over the majority of all CONSUMER ENERGY DISTRIBUTION in our state.

Living in Los Alamos County and having our own Utility Company run by honest and hard working people, it is easy to become complacent about things that happen outside the county.

Please do your own research. Most of what is below came from Yahoo Finance. Almost all of it. There is also an excellent article by Rick Ruggles in the Santa Fe New Mexican, July 20.

Ask yourself why PNM and AVANGRID are spending at least $1 Million of your energy bill payments to hype this sale?

AVANGRID (AGR) Does not manufacture wind turbines, solar panels, or any type of electric generators. They just own Energy Distribution Services. The idea is to make money, not to provide a public service. The only way they are going to make money in New Mexico is to raise the price you pay for energy (electricity and natural gas). This is a scam. Just another example of the rampant corruption in our state.

Even though we in Los Alamos have an excellent LOCAL Public Utility Provider, the juice mostly comes from PNM right now, and people in Spain and Monarchs in Qatar are looking at your wallet and smiling (81 percent stake in AVANGRID).

I too call on the State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia-Richards to state her position on this matter.  I also call on Lt. Gov. Howie Morales and Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham to explain their support for this sale.