Letter to the Editor: Please Folks, Let’s Unplug And Notice Our Surroundings

Former Los Alamos Resident
I was born and raised in Los Alamos and until recently lived there. I want to remind my fellow Los Alamosians to be observant and to pay attention to their surroundings. 
We often are so absorbed in our daily routine that we forget to notice situations that may require our attention. This inattention could be hazardous to not only our own lives, but also the lives of others around you.

For example, my father left to take his golden retriever for a walk there in Los Alamos. While on his walk he had a medical condition that caused him to fall to the ground. For a long time he was unable to regain his balance and get to his feet. So he laid there on the side of the road while half a dozen cars drove by. It is hard for me to believe that people did not notice a 6’4” man with a dog laying on the side of the road in Los Alamos.

Luckily my mother realized he was overdue and went out looking for him.

Please folks, let’s unplug from our lives and notice a little bit more of what is going on around us.