Letter To The Editor: Playing Trump Card In Dist. 43 House Race Lacks Credibility

Los Alamos

I join my colleague and friend Doug Tucker, former chief of the Los Alamos Fire Department in dismissing the attempts by special interest groups or political action committees to liken Sharon Stover to Donald Trump. 

I had the pleasure of working closely with Sharon on the County Council for four years and can confirm Doug’s reaction to the attempt to link Sharon to Mr. Trump as a farfetched desperate fantasy.

As vice chair during the year I was chair, Sharon filled the number 2 position with professionalism, hard work and a collaborative spirt who worked tirelessly to keep Councilors and the public informed and engaged. As chair, she led the County through the Las Conchas Fire as eloquently described by Doug Tucker in his Op-ed piece of Oct. 4, 2016. I share Doug’s view of Sharon Stover’s integrity and leadership capacity.

Interestingly, The Free Dictionary defines a trump card as “a key resource to be used at an opportune moment; a trump. If this laughable attempt to associate Sharon Stover with Donald Trump is the only “key resource” the opposition has to counter Sharon’s run for the District 43 House of Representatives seat, then I believe we’ll see Sharon Stover in the Round House representing the district with the same voracity she represented the citizens of Los Alamos as the County Clerk and as County Councilor, vice chair and chair.