Letter To The Editor: Pig+Fig Gets Beer & Wine License

Los Alamos

Many Los Alamos residents have discovered the excellent food that can be found at Pig+Fig Cafe in White Rock, some of the best in all Los Alamos.

As of last week, Laura Crucet has received her Beer & Wine license. She has assembled a wine (and beer) list that is as good as any that can be found in all of New Mexico. Better than any you can find even in Santa Fe.

It would be the envy of any restaurant serving comfort food in Denver or San Francisco. A wine list that is very intelligently selected (“curated”  is the current buzz word in the wine world), with no unicorn wines.

What is particularly noteworthy is her wines are very reasonably priced. In many cases, priced at half of what you would be charged at many high-end Santa Fe restaurants.

She has a by-the-glass list of over 20 wines. Again, at half of what you’d pay in Santa Fe. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore the wine world without breaking the bank. A list that will undoubtedly be changing frequently.

Los Alamos is indeed fortunate to have this added asset to the already excellent Pig+Fig.