Letter To The Editor: Pick Stover – She Really Knows Los Alamos

Los Alamos County Council
I believe Sharon Stover is our best choice for State Representative. If years of involvement in our community and the northern New Mexico region is any measure, the best representative is Ms. Stover.  
Ms. Stover has been a part of the very fabric of our community and region for over 30 years. Her work in the community stretches from children to seniors, from rebuilding from tragedy to new economic development, from leadership development in Los Alamos to working with leaders across the entire state and in government from citizen committees to Council Chair to President of the New Mexico Association of Counties.
Over many years Ms. Stover has added to her leadership experience, met the members of our community and the state, and served in government capacities. She has earned her stripes and we can rely on her years of work for Los Alamos citizens to guide her efforts.
I believe Ms. Stover knows Los Alamos. I also believe she is passionate about her work and has the tenacity and temperament to get things done for Los Alamos. Join me in voting for Sharon Stover for State Representative in House Dist. 43.