Letter To The Editor: Pete Sheehey Will Listen To And Work Hard For Us As State Representative

Los Alamos

I’m writing to share my reasons for supporting Peter T. Sheehey’s candidacy for our State Representative for District 43 and to urge district voters to support him in the upcoming Democratic primary, and in the fall election should he be chosen as the Democratic candidate.

Pete has worked tirelessly as County Councilor to carefully research issues before the council, and to reach out to community members to take into account their concerns and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. As a friend and supporter of Pete’s for many years, I’ve observed the joy he takes, both as a candidate working hard at door-to-door canvassing, and as a public servant asking for input from his constituents, in connecting with people throughout County, and now the entire District, and in actively crafting progressive approaches to meeting their needs and addressing their concerns.

In researching a detailed study of County water use, working at the legislature to address potential tax revenue shortfalls associated with a changeover in the LANL contract, supporting local and regional transit, advocating County membership in the Rio Grande water fund, securing revenue sources for our schools, and working for the restoration of local and state funding for public health and mental health services, as well as many other issues, Pete has put in the time and effort to deeply inform himself and the council, and to use that information to achieve concrete results that benefit his constituents.

The Sierra Club endorsement process (which, although I am a Club member and former Pajarito Group executive committee member, I was not involved in) is meant to take into account candidates’ achievements as well as their stated positions on issues. Pete’s record of hard work and concrete, fact and detail-based achievements in protecting and enhancing our environment is probably reflected in the Rio Grande chapter’s endorsement. This record is one of many factors leading me to strongly support Pete in the primary.

Pete is both a scientist and a “people person”, which will serve him well as State Representative. He will listen to us and will work diligently both to understand the facts and any science relevant to an issue, and to make sure our state government does what it needs to for our District and our State.