Letter to the Editor: Partisan Attack Misdirected

Robert Gibson, Chair
Republican Party of Los Alamos   

The recent letter by a prominent local Democrat (“Sign Laws are for Everyone,” Los Alamos Daily Post, Saturday, Nov. 1) exemplifies several facets of today’s political climate that turns so many people off. The letter asserts that “Republicans” were campaigning illegally near the High School late last Tuesday afternoon and had done so previously. It also asserts citations were issued. The letter then blasts Republicans several times.

At least the letter writer recognized that likely “the Republican Party knew nothing about this illegal act.” Of course the Republican Party was unaware of these unfortunate incidents. In fact, no citations were issued and the organizer was a registered Democrat.

The event itself, a few signs placed where they should not have been, is trivial. The use of that excuse to launch misguided blanket partisan attacks distracts from the issues and candidates that we should be focusing upon. Los Alamos has a proud tradition of civil public discourse. Let’s stick to it.


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