Letter To The Editor: Overcoming Instinct

Los Alamos

When I was 17 I was recruited by Soviet Block spies to join the U.S. Military and pass secrets. I went to work with the FBI to build a case against them.

At the outset I didn’t think the Communist spies would be some of the best people I would ever know. Nor did I think the FBI agents would be morally repugnant, but that was how it went. I don’t know why I didn’t then see
the need for balance between countries holding the line on war and those run by corporate prostitutes. But once I agreed to work with the government, I went after them harder than my FBI handlers. I don’t profess anything supernatural exists, but the Bible warns against going with the evil of the body.

The FBI more than any other group I’m familiar with actually have an instinct to be loyal to those in power. They are at their core very strong, good men with a certain fortitude. They were around leadership (likely a
king). But they only make sense to me when I realize they partially devolved (downwards evolution) being tortured in primitive dungeons. Nothing else makes sense to me as far as how they came into being. Their conservatism at times defied reason.

Many conservatives have that instinct to a lesser degree, I believe. It is probably a hard instinct to overcome. But unless that happens I don’t see our planet making it. Our government needs to work for everyone not just the wealthy. With Genocide, Endless War, Corruption, Environmental Degradation and other Social Injustices it is illogical to think we will evolve technologically without destroying the planet.

We can overcome our instincts and live mindfully, or like Bugs relying on them.


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