Letter to the Editor: Outraged…

By Diana Norwood
Los Alamos
I don’t get my feathers ruffled easily, nor often. As a resident and business owner in Los Alamos, I am outraged and offended when I read that someone has decided to spend “fifty thousand dollars” of County money, to have folks from Tennessee come here and tell us how to market our town.
It hasn’t been that long ago, when the beautiful structures were erected at the top of the main hill road to Los Alamos. “Welcome to Los Alamos … Where discoveries are made.”
I think that sounds real nice, and accurate. It seems to me that some folks have too much time on their hands, and too much of our money to spend … so we need to change it again?.
Then there’s this: we have so many wonderful and intelligent folks up here. I’m quite certain we could have put together a “local committee” to work on such a project, and at much less cost.
Wait … I think I recall that our chamber of commerce is working on this very project, “continuously” … and doing as fine a job as anyone can do. Obviously, I’m mistaken.
If you ask yourselves, “What types of things do we actually go out of our way to other destinations for … taking the time to travel there, and stay there?” Then you’ll find the answers to, “What’s needed to attract folks to come here?”
You have your historians, and your veterans. Once you’ve seen the historical sights, museums, etc … well, sorry folks, but that’s about it. Apparently, it’s just too simple of an equation. Newer buildings and fancier office complexes, a bigger shopping extravaganza, just aren’t going to change the equation.
Affordable store fronts would help; then we’d probably have a nice book store, “combined” with a coffee shop, or a tea parlor. There are no fun little antiques or novelty shops to browse in. (None of us can afford to open such a place.)
How about a nice sized bowling alley? Many of us go bowling at Cities of Gold and Espanola … which by the way attracts league business, which attracts events held several times a year, bringing folks from all over the country.
Again; unaffordable to most of us to create up here. Ah yes … then there are those folks who travel with pets, and as we learned last summer; still no affordable area for any of us to realistically create a large and nice kennel for visiting people to leave their pets while they’re exploring Los Alamos.
Apparently only a very small handful of us are actually paying attention to these ideas and lessons each year. Apparently the folks holding the purse strings are much more intelligent than I am, and know why some company in Tennessee can tell me more about my town than I think I know. Good luck with that!

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