Letter To The Editor: Opportunity To Continue Legacy Of Support For LAPS

Los Alamos

A few days ago, Joanna Gillespie wrote of her appreciation for our community’s support of funding, which has allowed extensive improvements to our Los Alamos Public School facilities. I couldn’t agree more!

Los Alamos has a long history of quality in education for our youth with excellent teachers and great parental support, both of which continue today. Our school buildings, on the other hand, have really been showing their age. Excellent teachers can only do so much in buildings without adequate temperature control or insufficient wiring to keep up with today’s technology needs. Fortunately, the citizens of Los Alamos have consistently voted for funding, which has resulted in major rebuilds to three schools and countless improvements at the others.

These improvements will help us continue to provide a top-notch education to our youth. At the same time, they help us attract new families to the community – essential for maintaining a thriving workforce. Those without children of school age benefit as well as good schools contribute to increased home values.

We still have a lot of work to be done and we’ll always have the need for funding to maintain our facilities going forward. We will have the opportunity to continue this legacy of support for Los Alamos Public Schools in January with a school bond election. And the best part? A yes vote won’t raise our taxes.