Letter to the Editor: Once Upon a Time…

By TJ Taub

Once upon a time there was a tiny hamlet that basked in bounty and wanted for little if anything. 

There were plentiful jobs, excellent schools, solid housing, varied retail, all situated in a location both strategic (not too close, not too far) and extremely beautiful. 

Life was both good and predictably good for many, many years. 

But the winds of change blew over the land and, finally, over the little hamlet. Security of life enjoyed for decades began to become less assured and the hamlet’s major benefactor began to change, leaving the hamlet and its wellbeing increasingly in the hands of its people.

“Oh, what shall we do?” cried the people! And then it hit them – economic diversity! Economic development! Oh, but how?

And then it hit them again – besides their major industry, their most significant asset was their location! Four temperate seasons of activities including hiking, biking, skiing, ice skating, beautiful mountains, striking vistas, fishing, sunny days and oh, so much more! 

Regional transportation connected the hamlet to nearby cultural and commercial hubs. Topping it off, the benefactor brought in visitors from across the nation and around the world – perfect exposure to extraordinary vacation opportunities for family, friends, retired baby boomers and more!

The hamlet breathed a sigh of relief. Now they could buffer themselves from the ebb and flow of the major benefactor that would probably never return to the predictable, secure days of yore. 

The people would add accommodations, restaurants, retail, and other amenities to serve both residents and visitors. Rental homes wouldn’t be subject almost solely to the benefactor’s waves of hiring/firing and personal homes might be sold as vacation accommodations or second homes. 

The people of the hamlet were relieved to have created their new vision and eagerly moved forward to make it a reality.

Oh wait – this is a fairy tale, isn’t it …









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