Letter To The Editor: Ok. Will You?

Los Alamos

Mr. Antos,

Just to clarify, rather than attempt to respond to what I said to you, you chose to attack me personally. My point, sir, was to show you that if you do not keep things civil, those who are smarter than you may choose to use their superior command of the English language to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Just because you lack whatever sense of self-preservation prevents people like me from writing outlandish, offensive, and inaccurate letters, does not mean that my words are somehow less poignant for withholding that my name. Yet somehow you seem to think that because I won’t reveal my identity, that those concepts are suspect. Never mind that our entire democracy is built on these ideas.

These ideas are “meadow muffins” for our anonymity. Do the Silence Dogood letters mean any less because Benjamin Franklin hid his identity?

So anonymity is an assassin of good ideas, whereas shouting down dissent and making a fool of yourself by spouting bigoted and unresearched statements is not? You think responsibility is merely owning your words? No. It is irresponsible to say things like “Obama is a Muslim Communist” when all signs point to that being false.

You want me to own my words? Well sir, here I stand, with my words. I am proud of my words. I have the best words. The things I say are carefully thought out, even the insulting things. ESPECIALLY the insulting things.

You want me to take responsibility for my words? I shall do so. Will you?