Letter To The Editor: Observations From The “Caravan”

Los Alamos

I was curious about the caravan protest yesterday.

I took my dog and spent a couple of hours walking around downtown and the gathering site at the municipal building.

I saw the few “caravan” members yelling to each other about the governor, but the only audience was their own people.

I saw someone taking the pictures that were published last night (link).

I walked back to a spot in front of CB Fox to observe. I was curious to see if there were supporters or counter protestors.

Much to my surprise, I think I was the only person paying attention.

It seemed like it took them an hour to arouse themselves at the municipal building, but the “caravan” was over in less than 5 minutes.

No one seemed to care. There were merely 15-20 cars driving with masks on and intermittently, quietly honking.

No supporters, no counter protestors that I could see from the municipal building to Ashley Pond. Just a meaningless photo op for a Trump disciple council candidate.