Letter to the Editor: Nothing Screams Fun More Than Advanced Mathematics

Exponential functions look somewhat similar to functions you have seen before, in that they involve exponents, but there is a big difference, in that the variable is now the power, rather than the base. Previously, you have dealt with such functions as f(x) = x2, where the variable x was the base and the number 2 was the power. In the case of exponentials, however, you will be dealing with functions such as g(x) = 2x, where the base is the fixed number, and the power is the variable.
Nothing screams fun more than advanced mathematics. Who tries to brand themselves using a word that 95 percent of people can’t pronounce and that 99 percent of people have no idea what the word even means? “Los Alamos-live perspicaciously” or “Los Alamos-live polysyllabically” are choices I would have provided for free and either would be as effective as a “brand.”
Actually renaming the area Geek Town, Nerdville or Snobapolis would convey the same sort of elitist mentality as Live Exponentially, but would enjoy the advantage of having the majority of tourists actually understanding the “brand name.”
Good luck with the T-shirts, available only in Large, XLarge and XXLarge so that the logo fits. While it is certainly none of my beeswax what LAC chooses as a brand, this choice was so quintessentially Los Alamos (how ’bout that as a logo?)
I had to write to thank the community leaders for the entertainment value alone. I can only hope that the upcoming hordes of mathematics tourists who will flock to Live Exponentially for two weeks a year don’t clog up the roads north of Santa Fe causing excessive delays. $55k was cheap for this result, it is actually priceless.

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