Letter To The Editor: Note Of Sorrow

Los Alamos

A brief note of sorrow after hearing about the death of Max Baker. I was on the County Council (including a stint as Chair) while Max Baker was the Chief Administrative Officer ICAO) of Los Alamos County. I worked extensively with him on Los Alamos issues and governance.

Simply, he was a great public employee and a wonderful person. He always operated and asked “What is best for Los Alamos and its citizens?” and followed through on the answer. He was kind, hardworking, and dedicated to his employees, his community, and their elected representatives. His quiet, unassuming leadership was of great benefit to our community during some difficult times.

He could always be depended doing what he said he would do. We agreed about most things. Even where we disagreed, he listened, was thoughtful, and created an atmosphere for rational, even-handed discussions. I know of no one who ever questioned his ethics or his commitment to doing the best possible job for Los Alamos.

I am proud to have known him. I am proud to have worked with him. He often talked about his family and his love for them. I am so sorry for their loss and ours.