Letter to the Editor: Not ‘Living Exponentially’

Los Alamos

To County Council:

I am totally frustrated by the “exponential” spending by the council, and its waste of resources to brand Los Alamos, especially by the use of “Living Exponentially”.

I do not want to live exponentially, nor do I want to be associated with exponential use of resources. I prefer living within my means without conspicuous consumption of finite resources.

This is a beautiful scientific town. We should strive to stress the discoveries and the joys of living in a historic town. The “Live exponentially” slogan carries none of that, but may show off wasteful exponential spending by most of the county council and pretentious bragging by using a scientific/mathematics term incorrectly. The citizens have spoken many times, decrying that slogan.

I have lived in the county for 35 years and saw the decay of the beauty of Los Alamos. Downtown is ugly, no trees, no beautiful library close to the post office (just a remote lonely building). The county council building could take the prize in external architectural ugliness.

Please stop thinking of nonessential change. Use change when necessary, and then stop wasting money on consultants, we have enough intelligent and creative people in town to think of more innovative slogans, without wasting time and resources of the county and community. You could have spent the money, for example, for a fiber optics network connection to White Rock!

P.S. I wish I could attend the meeting to express myself much more forcefully. Why don’t you have other methods of communication while we travel? For example, a teleconference system such as Skype, to officially record our visual input to the county council deliberations. A high school kid could do this without consultants!



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