Letter To The Editor: I’m Not Going To Cower Nor Remove My Sign On Your Timeline…

By Tw Houlton
Los Alamos

Your view expressed in your letter: “We value freedom of expression in this country, but that freedom has limits – we may not express hatred, and we cannot threaten lives. The meaning of your sign supporting Trump has changed since violent insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, carrying Trump banners and Confederate flags. Those insurrectionists were egged on by the President himself. The symbolism has changed.”: assumes ALL Trump supporters promote hatred and incite violence.

WRONG ANSWER. We as Trump supporters promote LEGAL validation of election results and feel this last go-round is NOT legit! Lots of smoke and mirrors thrown at you and I as voters. 

 I own one of those signs and really, I’m not going to cower nor remove my sign on your timeline. (someone stole 2 off my property already).

AND being near a grade school has no bearing.