Letter To The Editor: North Mesa Stable Area Objections Are Much Ado About Nothing!

By JoAnn Johnson
Longtime stable owner
Los Alamos

I believe that Olga Chertkov’s objections about the North Mesa Stable Area made March 9 to the Parks and Recreation Board are like reinventing the wheel.

My family had horses on North Mesa for 36 years. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the same objections about flies, manure, overall appearance of the area and noise at rodeo time were made by Barranca Mesa residents whose houses are directly across the Canyon from the stables. And yes, the proposal was made to relocate the stables to Rendija Canyon. That idea has never proved to be practical.

After many studies and many meetings with the Los Alamos County Council, it was determined the stables should remain where they are. Through the years, the overall appearance of the area has improved, manure is removed more frequently, and as then Councilor and Veterinarian Marty Holland determined, flies are not a problem to nearby residential areas.

I would hate to see more time and energy spent in trying to relocate the stables. After all, the stables were there before the houses. North Mesa was originally known as HORSE MESA!