Letter To The Editor: No Silver Bullets

Los Alamos

I am continually amazed at the vehemence and/or mildly condescending voice of those who reject change – e.g. banning plastic bags – rationalizing their position with the argument that since the change doesn’t fix the ENTIRE problem and, according to them, only affects some small-to-infinitesimal portion of a problem, we should not make ANY change.  

Although I admit it took a bit of time to remember to take the reusable bags into the store, most of us ARE trainable. And unlike an assertion that people don’t make enough use of reusable bags, for example – the same bags have been in my car now for several years and are used continually.

Taking your own bags and tossing them back into the car becomes an unremarkable, standard practice. Common sense (an increasingly rare practice) would tell you re-using bags only makes sense.

Readers might spend just a few moments checking out organizations whose ‘don’t change’ reports are cited.

In today’s world, silver bullets that fix everything in one fell swoop just don’t exist. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace incremental changes.


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