Letter to the Editor: No Shame For Voting My Conscience!

Los Alamos

Mr. Soran, I feel no shame for voting against the UNM-LA mill levy and don’t plan on it.

As one that was born and raised in Los Alamos I don’t feel it the city’s responsibility to pay for this college! It’s just a shame that everyone wants a bigger chunk out of our paycheck or savings and doing
it through our property tax sure makes it seem as though the government just can’t get enough.

Why don’t they take the whole damn check and leave us with nothing. I’m sure they would like to! The simple truth of the matter is we don’t owe UNM-LA a thing and if they need money let them do what all other schools do … go sell cookies and chocolate and raise the money!

I can’t afford any more taxes and shouldn’t have to!


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