Letter To The Editor: No Loyalty Left In Sports

Los Alamos
The recent firing of Yvonne Sanchez as the head coach of the Lobos women’s basketball team came as a surprise to me, although I don’t know why I should be surprised. There is no more loyalty left in sports.
Loyalty vacated professional sports years ago and now has apparently been eliminated from the college level, too. I really thought that Sanchez was doing a good job and surely there are many values more important than just winning, like building character in a young and growing spirit and demonstrating the importance of loyalty to any team.
It’s hard to understand how a sports program can teach loyalty to the team, when there is no loyalty among the coaches and administration. The old saying comes to mind, “What you do speaks so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.”
Steve Alfred, the ex coach of the men’s basketball team is just another example of lack of loyalty. He signed a new contract with the Lobos and then a few weeks later, signs another contract with UCLA and leaves his team with hardly a goodbye.
I had a personal interest in that team because I had been following Alex Kirk’s progress since I met him when I was substituting at Los Alamos High School. I felt that he had been mistreated by this lack of loyalty and that the students deserved better.
Is loyalty a quality that we want to develop in our young people?
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.