Letter To The Editor: No Fly, No Buy Bill

Los Alamos

I’d like to thank Daren Savage for his detailed rebuttal of Jody Benson’s editorial. With regards to the No-Fly/No Buy list, it is instructive to look at a suit that was filed in Federal court against the Terror Watch List.

In an April 5, 2016 Christian Science Monitor article, we learn that “…a Muslim civil rights group has filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in Alexandria, Va., on behalf of anyone who has wrongly been placed on the terror watch list including, …a 4-year-old California boy, who was placed on the list when he was 7 months old….”

As a Democrat, I guess I should jump on the Donk bandwagon and thank my Democratic Congressional delegation for their sense of urgency in passing a bill that will so clearly make America safer. Indeed, since the Federal Government was so astute as to know that this little boy was a terror threat at the tender age of seven months (perhaps his parents birthed him specifically to become a future terrorist?), we can rest assured that when he reaches legal age, this bill, should it become law, would prevent him from buying a gun.

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to pass a bill in haste. This is one of those times. As the ACLU has said, as quoted in Savage’s letter, there is no Constitutional bar to enhancing gun control. That said, we really
ought to do it Constitutionally.