Letter To The Editor: No Brainer On Who To Vote For

Los Alamos

At one point choosing between Stephanie and Sharon would have been very difficult for me. After the primary it became a no brainer. I refuse to vote for anyone who would belong to a party that would nominate Donald Trump.

No matter how much the Republicans disavow him they will vote for him. If I don’t like the Democratic candidate for an office I won’t vote for that office. It has become an anybody but a Democrat or anybody but a Republican election. I doubt many people will cross party lines this election.

I switched from DTS to Democrat so I could vote for Bernie Sanders but switched back after the primary. I can only hope that very few incumbents are reelected and we can have a clean sweep with a new broom and get
something done in Congress. 

If Trump is elected President the people that vote for him get what they deserve unfortunately the rest of us will have to suffer big time for it.


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