Letter To The Editor: Newspapers Early Contributors To Fake News Trend

Los Alamos

As usual, John Bartlit has hit the nail square on the head regarding identifying fake news. Unfortunately, newspapers themselves have been early contributors to the fake news trend. 

Some years ago, I wrote a complaint to the Albuquerque Journal regarding the opinion columns that had started appearing on their front page. I had not been too concerned when they began appearing on page 3, but when they began to intrude on the most important (Page One!) news, it was clear that something in the newspaper ethos had changed, and not for the better. 
After awhile, it became apparent that this change was viewed as necessary to prop up newspaper sales against cable and even broadcast news, as well as ‘the Internet’. I hope that the Monitor will not find it necessary to succumb to this siren call, and note, with favor, that the Los Alamos Daily Post has moved all of its (submitted) opinions to a link rather than appearing on the opening webpage.

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