Letter To The Editor: News Flash … We NEVER Stopped Being The Home Of The Brave

Los Alamos
As the son of German immigrants who were escaping persecution and death prior to WWII as well as a Veteran of two branches of military service for this country, I am deeply offended by Mr. Goldman (link). Did he ever serve in Canadian or the U.S. forces? News Flash: We NEVER stopped being the Home of the Brave. Freedom is NOT free! People die or worse, they are maimed for life so you can have it!
Let’s clear up that his history lesson is of Canada. At the time of the settlement of the American Colonies until the famine in Ireland, the U.S. was 49 percent English descent and 49 percent German descent.The Continental Congress debated for nearly a week on the official language of the U.S. would it be English or German. New France was nearly 100 percent French. The official language of Canada is still French. And only in 1982 did the British Parliament pass the Canada Act divesting it as a colony and Canada became an independent nation.
I think he was trying to say the British Navy defeated the French and so Canada became British rule while the U.S. gained independence by the fervor of the American Colonists. Though this is not correct.
After the Seven Year War fought in south central New France and the future Mid-West U.S. down to the Gulf of Mexico, the Treaty of Paris in 1760 gave New France to Briton and its name changed to Canada.
Sixteen years later while a three way war between Briton, France and Spain was going on in the East Atlantic, at the invite of the Colonists, the French assisted us with their navy and ground troops to defeat the British.
While this country was built on the backs of immigrants over the blood of Native Americans and broken treaties, until 9-11-2001 we did not face a massive threat from terrorists. And until 2006 most Americans like myself welcomed Mexicans who we thought wanted to become Americans. But that year as millions of Mexicans marched in U.S. streets flying Mexican flags, shouting, “Viva Meheco” and demanding free food, housing, education, college and more we realized they did NOT want to be Americans but were an invisible invading army intent on turning the U.S. into Mexican states! We ARE the Home of the Brave, NOT the Home of the Stupid!
Mr. Goldman please go back to Canada.