Letter To The Editor: New Mexico Must Face Fear

Los Alamos

New Mexico fails … the Governor is right. NM fails to employ, NM fails to educate, all because NM leadership fails to grasp reality.

COVID is an airborne virus. All of us will be exposed to it. Hospitals are standing by. Living in fear of the inevitable is detrimental to us all.

Leaders need to inspire courage along with caution. Let us live our lives. Stop the fearful messages. We are stronger than we are being told we are. We must be released to live our lives! We must be released to pursue our jobs so we can support our families! No more fear.

Elect leadership that has courage in the face of fear. Not leadership that leads us into fearful failure again and again.

Speak to our Governor: https://www.governor.state.nm.us/contact-the-governor/ or 505.476.2200.