Letter To The Editor: New Mexico Economy

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Osceola Energy Solar
Extending the residential and commercial rooftop solar tax credit is essential to keeping a New Mexico industry growing and producing economic benefits for New Mexicans.

After graduating from Georgetown University, I aspired to return home to New Mexico, join the workforce, and make a positive contribution to my community.

After turning down job opportunities in Washington DC, the experience of searching for a job in Albuquerque was disheartening. Here in New Mexico there were very few, decent paying, entry level positions for graduates with relatively little working experience. I began to understand why so many of my millennial peers have left the state after graduating – we follow opportunities and New Mexico has been lacking in producing good jobs for young college graduates.
I was arranging to move to San Francisco or Denver when my job search put me in touch with Osceola Energy, a growing, locally owned solar energy company based in Albuquerque. Fortunately, I was offered a job where I could both contribute and learn. Employment with Osceola fulfilled my desires to be part of a growing business, encourage sustainability and remain in my hometown working for a locally owned company.
As a new employee of the solar industry, I understand the importance of extending New Mexico’s Solar Tax Credit (SB13 and HB26). The extension means continued growth in a burgeoning industry, more jobs, and cheaper access to solar energy for every New Mexican. It is about investing in New Mexico, its economy, future, and most importantly, its people. New Mexico has the perfect conditions to foster a growing solar industry: the second greatest potential for solar energy in the U.S., a workforce ready and willing to fill the positions, and a marketplace that can benefit from cheaper access to electricity.
For me, this is not only professional, but also personal. I want more of my friends to stay in New Mexico; I want to continue to grow and advance my community; and I want to secure a cleaner, more sustainable state for future generations. I urge our state leaders to extend the rooftop solar tax credit.