Letter to the Editor: Never Imagined Myself As An Extremist

Los Alamos

In answer to Senator Udall I am disappointed that you would call me, someone you represent, an extremist. I have conversations frequently with folks with whom I disagree. I never talk to them in a disparaging way and they are always cordial to me. We respect each other’s opinion.

Just to give you a little of my background, I am a Republican (though I’m not too thrilled with their conduct either.) I am 71 years old. I think federal government affairs should be conducted according to the Constitution. I believe that the business of the federal government is to protect and defend the people of the United States. They should present the people with a budget indicating how they would pay for this. The representatives of the government are my employees and, as the boss, I should be afforded great deal of respect.  
I’m sure that I’ve never thought of these ideas as being extreme, but if Senator Udall does, maybe it’s time to campaign for his departure.

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