Letter To The Editor: Never Heard Of County Charter

Los Alamos

I read some posts and don’t have, or often withhold my opinion, for which, I am positive most who know me are thankful. However, the continued mention of the county charter has me thinking, hhhmmm! Who knew?

I guess that is a document I would enjoy perusing. How does one go about getting a copy and finding out who established this “charter” and when it was established? I have lived here my entire life and never heard of a charter until the sheriff issue came up.

I think it would be an excellent idea to share the entire charter and allow the citizens in the community to be enlightened and gain an understanding of the entire political system in our community; why and when this was established and by whom.

Can’t wait for the publication of this document(s). And no, I won’t go to the municipal “complex” and read it there and no one else should have to either. It should be posted somewhere – and perhaps it is. This should be publicized for all to see.

Editor’s note: The Los Alamos County Charter is published on the County’s website … find it by clicking here.