Letter To The Editor: Naomi Maestas For County Clerk

Los Alamos

I’m a Democrat, and have been since I registered to vote. I probably will be until I am but a memory. I am a Democrat and I’m voting for Naomi Maestas!

I know Naomi, and one thing everyone says about her is that she is sweet, but there are a few other things that you should know, and these are what is important:

  • She cares about democracy. I sat down with Naomi to ask her about why she is running for the position and she told me that she talked about her pride in participating in democracy. She honestly feels privileged to participate in having people vote for their elected officials. She told me about the first time she voted. She was 19 years old. She couldn’t remember why she didn’t vote when she was 18, she said, “I probably didn’t care.” But when she was 19, she had to take her grandmother, who couldn’t drive and had a difficult time walking. Naomi said that they arrived at the polling place, and there were stairs. She turned to her grandma and said, “why don’t we just go home, this is going to be too hard.” Her grandmother said “no, I’m going to vote.” Naomi and her grandmother worked their way up the stairs, where Naomi ended up casting her first ballot. At this point in our conversation, Naomi’s eyes teared up. She paused, looked at me and continued. “I pulled the lever, and felt proud to be voting, proud to be an American.” Naomi has not missed an election since that date. She said that she “gets to work with the best volunteers.” People who want to make sure our election runs smoothly.
  • Naomi isn’t running for this office as a stepping stone for another office in the future. She just wants to take her 16 years of experience in the clerk’s office and put it to use as an elected public servant, who is charged with enabling democracy.
  • Naomi is respected and beloved in the clerk’s office. She is looked up to, and that is important. I don’t know how often you walk into a government office and receive the best, and most friendly service you can remember, but that is the experience I have in the clerk’s office every time I go in there. The employees care. They want to help, and Naomi will make sure that attitude of service continues.
  • Naomi wants to encourage our kids to get excited about voting, and about being informed voters. She has already reached out to social studies teachers and asked about making a presentation about voting, and about current issues during class, and they have enthusiastically agreed. Naomi wants all young people to go vote and to know what they are voting about when they turn 18.
  • Naomi is simply the right person for this job. She waited too long after registering as a candidate to change her party affiliation from Republican to independent, but she said she intends to change her affiliation after the election if she is elected, because she believes the clerk should be independent, and serve all citizens.

Naomi has my vote, and quite honestly, I think she should have yours, too.