Letter To The Editor: N.M. 502 Roundabout

Los Alamos
I’d like to thank Mr. Williams for his diagram of the proposed 502 roundabout at the Junction of Trinity and Central. My only thought is (in the words of a friend of mine) “What a Charlie Foxtrot.”
I can’t even imagine a pedestrian trying to cross the road at any spot on that mess. Nor can I imagine what bicyclists will do. My own preference will be to take off onto Canyon before ever hitting the roundabout and making my way into town by some other means. I doubt that will endear me and other like-minded citizens and visitors to the neighborhoods off Canyon, but then I don’t think the thought behind the roundabout was to endear anyone to anyone else!
My one suggestion  other than scrapping the entire project  is to allow absolutely NO large trucks to use the front hill road under any circumstances. If my mind serves me correctly, we built a truck route to keep them off the hill road. I could be wrong, however, because they barrel up and down that road all the time.
I hope those who once again hired an outside consulting firm, much like the one hired to help us with “branding,” will put such silly notions aside and look for another solution to what wasn’t that big a problem.