With the amount of businesses coming to Los Alamos, I am concerned with the amount of plastic bags that will be used by the population of the county.

Plastics have become a very large part of our everyday life. There are some that may be irreplaceable, but there are also those that are an unnecessary commodity and can be easily replaced. Not only are plastic bags bad for the environment in more than one way, they are also a sore on the eyes.

I have been seeing plastics littered all over town as well as around the ski hill area. This is a real shame for the community because Los Alamos is such a beautiful area. I believe that plastic bags should be banned in this county to help restore the beauty the of the area and to benefit the environment and generations to come

Over the past 20 years, many countries in the world have banned the use of plastic bags or put fees on them (Germany, Italy, Sweden, India, China, South Africa and South Korea as well as many cities in the U.S.). This has cut the amount of plastic bags used by large amounts. I believe that we should follow these countries.

By banning plastic bags we would aid the planet by lowering the pollution of the environment. We could help future generations by banning plastic bags right now. As of this moment the entire world uses about 9 percent of all natural gas that is mined every year to make plastic products, that is for both the material and the process of making the plastics. About one-third of that, 3 percent, is used in the production of single use plastics, these include bags and packaging.

If we could cut the amount of natural gas that we are consuming, even a little bit, then why shouldn’t we do it.