Letter To The Editor: Multiple Organizations Voice Support For New Recreation Center

Los Alamos
Dear County Council and Los Alamos Community,
We are writing this letter to highlight the many diverse groups, organizations, and likely participants who support the construction of a new multi-use recreation center in Los Alamos.
We are extremely excited and optimistic that the Council and the Los Alamos Community will enthusiastically support the new Recreation Center as an anchor for the CIP Bond and for recreation in Los Alamos and the surrounding communities.
The Recreation Center will be a place for our youth, athletes, families, seniors, and visitors to come together. Community groups of all ages hosting sporting events, tournaments, and other programs will be a major draw to downtown Los Alamos, keeping people in the community and attracting them from surrounding areas.
The new Recreation Center will also be a significant asset to retain those of us already here, as well as recruit families and new LANL employees looking to move to the community. Los Alamos will be known for our Laboratory, our schools and our recreation, indoors and out!
The table below is a summary of the activities and organizations that could be served by the new Recreation Center and demonstrates the diverse and positive benefit it could have for recreation programs in Los Alamos; a primary goal of the Recreational Bond.
The following organizations are fully supportive of the new Recreation Center. We would request a resounding YES vote by all at the December 20 th County Council meeting. Thank You!