Letter To The Editor: More From The Undersheriff

By former member of the Los Alamos Sportsman Club

In response to the Letter to the Editor (A Mountain Of Reasons To Abolish The Office Of Sheriff) By Los Alamos County Resident. I would like to share this email sent to all members  of the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club by Club President Stan Hayes. 
I feel that John Horne continues to stir the pot in support of Sheriff Lucero, and tries to stoke the fears of a possible uprising and gun confiscation as what happened in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina in a pitiful attempt to bully Los Alamos citizens into supporting Sheriff Lucero. 
While Mr. Hayes states the Sportsman Club is not a political organization, he clearly plants himself, and by extension the Sportsman Club and its members squarely in the middle of the fight between Sheriff Lucero and the County Councilors.
Hopefully, the County Councilors will put the existence of the Office of Sheriff up for a vote. I can say that based on the underhanded actions and statements of Sheriff Lucero and his staff, I will vote to eliminate their jobs. 
Now the email from Stan Hayes and message from John Horne…

Fellow Club Members,
Below is a copy of a letter from John Horne, Under-Sheriff of Los Alamos County, who has asked me to distribute this to our membership. The Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club is not a political organization, but definitely supports all of our constitutional rights. It is for this reason that I am forwarding this letter to you as it is issue based.
I would like to remind all of our members that the Club is an educational/training organization supporting the shooting sports and hunting. We as a club make no political stance other than law abidance and support of our constitutional rights. No individual may represent the Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club without expressed authorization of the Board. This, in no way is intended to encroach upon your personal rights or freedoms of speech.
Stan Hayes
President, Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club
Message from John Horne…


To: The members of Los Alamos County Sportsman’s club.
Dear members:
As you may already know, the Los Alamos County Council, is once again attempting to eliminate the Office of Sheriff in this county. I believe the members of the Sportsmen’s Club have a unique interest in insuring this does not happen. Our 2nd Amendment is under constant attack from the enemies of freedom. As such, we must be continually vigilant of threats to our way of life.
Part of this vigilant posture requires us to understand our system of government and ensure that the offices of government are populated with those who support our constitution.
According to the U.S. Supreme Court; “The Sheriff is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of a County chosen by popular election. His principal duties are in the support of the criminal and civil courts of record; such as serving process, summoning juries, executing judgments, holding judicial sales and the like. He is also the chief conservator of the peace within his territorial jurisdiction.” Harston v. Langston, Tex. Civ. App., 292 S.W. 648, 650
Chapter 29 and Chapter 4 of the New Mexico State Statutes further outlines the immense duties of the Sheriff in New Mexico and, the New Mexico Constitutions states that each county must elect a Sheriff to serve as the people’s law enforcement representative. This point is the key to the argument that we are now engaged in. It is a fact of legal doctrine in the United States that all power emanates from the people:
“The constitutional theory is that we the people are the sovereigns. the state and federal officials only our agents.” Colten v. Kentucky (1972) 407 U.S. 104, 122, 92 S. Ct. 1953
As elected agents these officials have the greatest authority since their power is handed to them directly from the people, they are first in the line of delegated authority. What many of these officials seem to forget is that the delegated authority loaned to them can also be taken away. They have forgotten that they are servants and thus attempt to act as rulers and tyrants.
During hurricane Katrina there were mass confiscations of firearms taken from law abiding citizens who, in a time of crisis, needed their guns more than they ever had in the past. These confiscations were carried out by police and National Guard units in direct violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Both state and federal governments acknowledge that the Sheriff is the Chief Law-Enforcement Officer in his jurisdiction. The Office of Sheriff anywhere in United States is a very powerful position. Had the Sheriff of that Louisiana Parish demanded an end to the confiscations the Government would have no choice but to comply.
Your sheriff has stated openly that no such confiscation will ever be allowed in Los Alamos County on his watch. The deputies of the Los Alamos Sheriffs Office also stand with you in defending the Second Amendment. But the Office of Sheriff is under assault in this county at the hands of some unscrupulous politicians. We need your help and ask that you would come to support us at the County Council meeting on June 14. As I said these politicians are unscrupulous and if they know you’re coming they will tend to change venues or use delay tactics so be vigilant of these possibilities. We are expecting the television media from Albuquerque to attend and we need a strong showing of support from the citizens. Will you stand with us? If you are able to attend please RSVP to john.horne@lacnm.us
Best Regards,
John N. Horne
Los Alamos County Undersheriff