Letter to the Editor: Mil Levy Bad Idea

Los Alamos

Im afraid I have to agree with Erika Gorman that the school levy is a very bad idea. We just learned today at the Lab Director’s talk that our health care costs are probably going to go up more then 11 percent and with the prospect of another 1 percent raise I’m sinking into a hole fast.

In all honesty, why does our County Government think they have to act like a bunch of spoiled brat teens with mommy and daddy’s credit card and an unlimited budget? There doesn’t seem to be one sane person on the Council that can control our tax dollars in any way shape or form. I’m sorry County Council, like Erika Gorman, I don’t trust
you as far as I can throw a bus!
You have made the Los Alamos bureaucracy as hard to deal with as Washington, D.C. and frankly I’m getting sick of it! Id like to see a change but frankly I can’t hold my breath that long! Vote NO!!!!

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