Letter to the Editor: Message To School Board, School Administration And Entire Los Alamos Community

Los Alamos

A message to the School Board, School Administration and the whole Los Alamos Community:

Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone and other community members will present a talk on drug abuse within our community on Wednesday, Oct. 22, at Duane Smith. I urge you to be present and listen and do something about this problem.

For those of you out there who think that Los Alamos doesn’t have a drug problem, especially in our youth, I urge you to open your eyes. There is a problem, and it feels as though it is swept under the rug, in that ‘super-secret’ Los Alamos style that this town is so famous for. 

I speak as a mother with a teenage son who no longer attends school in the town, and not even in this state. I speak as a mother who couldn’t find the resources for a teenager to get him help without going into the penal system. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. This was a boy who was in healthy afterschool activities and was managing to keep his grades up. At least until the drugs really got hold. 

And where did he spend most of his time stoned – at school. Teachers, staff – did you know? Why didn’t someone tell me before it got to the place it did? So Los Alamos Schools, I urge you to attend this meeting and open your eyes. There is more the school system could be doing besides thinking their biggest problem is E-cigs.

And to the whole community in general, it’s time for us to stand up about these issues whether directly impacted or not, and come out and express to our community leaders our desire to focus on solving this as a community problem and encourage and support the school system to be more involved.