Letter To The Editor: Mesa Public Library Is A Furnace

By Sarah Jane Smith
Los Alamos
As a frequent patron of Mesa Public Library, I wrote last summer about the awful summer heat conditions in the Library and how the lack of proper air conditioning/cooling in the Library made me (and other patrons I’ve talked to) physically ill and unable to stand being there for too long. I was told that the County would be taking care of that by this summer.
Sadly, I see that has not come to pass and I and other patrons are once again being forced to either go to the Library very early on in the day or avoid it altogether during this extremely hot summer. I can’t imagine how the wonderful librarians who have to be in such extreme conditions all day long are able to manage doing so?! It’s like a furnace!
Will the County be actually installing air conditioning/a proper cooling system or will we be forced to continue avoiding the Library during the summer and hoping no one passes out from the heat/gets heat exhaustion (it is definitely an occupation hazard for the people who have to work there since it’s akin to being out in the summer sun! Do they get hazard pay, I wonder?)

As a champion of how wonderful and lucky this County is to have two wonderful libraries, why is it that constant construction can occur yet proper cooling of a taxpayer-funded building is seemingly impossible?! The Municipal Building is a freezer in comparison to Mesa Public Library. Will Mesa Public Library ever get proper cooling or will it have to wait until a patron or librarian becomes violently ill from the heat and has to be taken away by ambulance?