Letter To The Editor: Mesa Library Is Too Hot To Handle

Los Alamos
As someone who considers herself a fairly long-term resident of Los Alamos, I was in awe of the brand new White Rock Library.
How wonderful it is for the White Rock community to finally have a library worthy of the many book-lovers that live there.
The additions of brand new everything and a wonderful air conditioning system are excellent since these summer days make it very uncomfortable to try and read while being in an environment that is filled with heat and humidity.
That being said, one such uncomfortable environment is the Mesa Public Library. I have had to limit my visits to the Library during these summer days due to the sweltering conditions inside the building.
I and many other patrons have asked the poor librarians when they plan on adding a long-overdue air conditioning system to the library since trying to browse for books when it is 85+ degrees inside is nauseating.
Even the addition of fans for the short-term would help a great deal since I am no longer able to visit the library during the daytime hours due to the heat and its effects on me (I can only imagine how the librarians must be feeling since they have to work in those conditions).
Los Alamos deserves to have a library that has upgrades to it such as an air-conditioning system and a good ventilation system (being over 20 years since the new Mesa Public Library building was opened). 
Until then, I will try and go to the Mesa Public Library when cooler conditions are present outdoors since that is when it will finally be tolerable inside Mesa Public Library, as well.
Editor’s note: Los Alamos County’s PIO Julie Habiger issued the following response to the Los Alamos Daily Post about this letter to the editor: Los Alamos County is planning for an upgrade to the entire HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) to occur at the library in 2016. We need to design a new refrigerated system (or some variation) between now and then, and our on-call architect/engineering firm will be tasked with design. Capital Projects’ staff has met with the library manager to determine a path forward, and more details will be available and shared with the public as a project plan is developed. This time of year is always difficult for the library for temperature cooling; the system installed in 1993 was an evaporative system, which only works when the outside humidity is less than 40 percent (lower than that is better – the 40 percent is the upper limit.) We apologize to patrons if conditions in the library have been warmer than is tolerable lately. Facilities’ staff will check with the library staff on conditions and check on the current evaporative system to be sure it is operating to the best of its ability.

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