Letter To The Editor: Medical Release Advice

Formerly of Los Alamos
Santa Fe

If you are planning to have an elective surgery in the future, here are some suggestions on handling your Medical Release.

Read Carefully:

  •  Ask your surgeon how many of your operation he or she has performed in the last twelve months. What and how many complications has he or she had doing this operation in the last 12 months;
  • Ask your surgeon to explain each medical complication listed. Ask if he or she has had of these issues happen during surgery he or she performed. If so, how many times?;
  •  If there have been any associate names added to your farm, ask your surgeon to describe each associate and why their assistance might be required;
  • Ask your surgeon if he or she has allowed an associate to perform surgery in a teaching scenario;
  • Add a note to your release stating you only allow “DR” to perform your surgery;
  • Be aware that once you sing the release, you allow any physician on the form to perform the surgery and any injury incurred will be deemed as acceptable. Taking precautions early, may save you dealing with life long complications; and
  • Record the conversation you have with your surgeon.

Best of luck.