Letter To The Editor: Media Has Made Trump & Sanders

Los Alamos

The news media no longer simply reports the news, they make the news. The media has made Trump and Sanders because they are novel and exciting. The consistent polling that rates Hillary Clinton as untrustworthy is a fiction promoted by the GOP and news media. In spite of claims to the contrary, they are primarily interested in the bottom line.

I’m 73, and I remember Edward R. Murrow and the Murrow boys; that was a time when media news was considered a ‘loss leader’ and was as honest and truthful as is possible.

Donald Trump is a great actor, lier, and flip-flopper; the more he does this and is reported, the more popular he becomes. Basically, he brings out the worst sides of the US people.

The idea of The Donald as President, meeting the daily challenges that land in the Oval Office, negotiating with foreign leaders, and being followed everywhere by a service person carrying The Football, i.e. the codes to launch one of several planned nuclear attacks, is absolutely frightening. That Trump says, ‘maybe we should encourage South Korea and Japan to build nuclear weapon’s is scary; especially because each of them possesses the nuclear materials and where-with-all to do so.