Letter to the Editor: Martin Heinrich’s Surrogates

By Vernan Kerr
Los Alamos

In the race for U.S. Senate, the ads sponsored by various environmental groups have been most irritating.

What evidence can they show that Heather Wilson’s support for the oil and gas industries have resulted in harm to children or have resulted in drinking water contamination?

None! The oil and gas industries are a very important part of the economy of our state and without them we would rank at the bottom of the American state’s economies, a true welfare state.

A recent story on Martin Heinrich, who voted for Obamacare, showed how much he really cares about our economic welfare.

He wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi expressing concern about the new Obamacare tax on medical devices that would impede or prevent development of such devices.

But when the House voted to repeal that section of the act, he voted with his party against the repeal.

New Mexico’s national laboratories have invented many new devices that are being used in modern medicine.

What would Congressman Heinrich’s stand be on them?

Two of the biggest economic engines in New Mexico seem to be entirely off of the Congressman’s radar screen.


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