Letter To The Editor: Mari Mac Village And NMIT

Los Alamos

The recent comments by (Council Chair) Sara Scott on the redevelopment of the Mari Mac Village Shopping Center in the Los Alamos Daily Post (June 7, 2020) (link) left me with two questions.

First, who is behind the New Mexico Innovation Triangle, i.e., where is the money coming from for such a large redevelopment proposal? The Secretary of State Corporations and Business Services webpage shows that the New Mexico Innovation Triangle, LLC is only a year old, at least in New Mexico, and no other hits came up in a Google search. Only one principal is listed in the filing and it is not Larry Hawker, who is listed in the Daily Post article, but rather Bruce E. Wiggins. Is this LLC a creature of the Kroger corporation, or an independent group of developers?

Second, who purchases such a large tract of land that will require such a large investment and not have already done their “Due Diligence”? Surely they will have some carefully thought out plans for this tract of land, prior to the purchase. Although the details may be uncertain, and not everything planned will come to fruition (think Ski Hill purchase of Hilltop House), the basic plan for the land purchase would have to be firm enough to convince lenders to make the loan needed to make the purchase, unless of course they have millions of dollars in cash available.

I don’t know if the citizens of Los Alamos are entitled to the answers to these questions, but it would be sure nice to know before the ball starts to roll downhill and major decisions are made by County Council.


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