Letter To The Editor: Marco Lucero’s Claim Racism Is Factor For State Of Sheriff Affairs Is FALSE!

Los Alamos

Saturday, Oct. 15, an article appeared on the front page of the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper entitled, “Los Alamos Sheriff Fights For Office In Showdown With County”. 

When I read the article I was stunned. For Marco Lucero to even hint (and he did more than that), that the current state of affairs of the sheriff’s position in Los Alamos County has anything to do with the fact he is Hispanic is ludicrous. Lucero is obviously a Hispanic name so anyone who voted for him to be sheriff in Los Alamos County not just once, but twice, were most likely aware he is Hispanic and still they voted for him.

His claim racism is playing a part in all this is baseless and unfounded, and he knows it. His claim also speaks volumes to the fact that he is willing to say or do anything to get what he wants as he has been doing since first being elected our sheriff.

From the beginning he has had an agenda of changing the position to suit what HE wants it to be, not what our County Charter defines it to be. He has been like a “dog on a bone” and his actions have made the citizens of the county say, “Enough!”

He alone is totally responsible for creating the current situation. If he had just done the job the citizens elected him to do, none of this controversy would exist. I will vote for the abolishment of the sheriff position on Nov. 8 and it is Marco Lucero who helped me make that decision.