Letter to the Editor: Malicious PAC Ads

House Dist. 43 Candidate

I have received numerous phone calls from angry supporters alerting me to the fact that the New Mexico Future PAC has circulated some postcards attacking me, although disappointing it is not surprising. 

Unfortunately the world of politics has become infested with PAC teams who do the dirty work by creating exaggerations, distortions and untruths to influence you, the voter, and this is seen by some as a way to win.

Those of you who know me know what I am about and what I stand for. I have been upfront on the issues and what I believe in from the beginning, and I have not wavered. More importantly, I will not engage in underhanded tactics to win an election.

If you believe in what I stand for then I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, June 3.  For more information about my views on the issues, visit my website www.chiravallefordistrict43.com.


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