Letter to the Editor: Lucky We Live in Los Alamos!

By Khalil J. Spencer
League of American Bicyclists
Cycling Instructor 1173
Thank You!

I was riding the singletrack out to the end of Kwage Mesa this morning (Feb. 18) and stopped to take a picture.

In the process, I dropped the Blackberry and had to clean off all the dust.

Unbeknown to me, I also dropped my driver’s license when I reached down to pick up the Blackberry. Later on in the ride, I again pulled out the Blackberry to shoot another picture and noted the license was missing.

Tracing back my ride to where I had dropped the Blackberry, there was nothing on the ground. I hoped someone had found it and so I headed home.

Sure enough, the license was stuck in the door of the house.

To whoever found it and dropped it off, thank you very much (and what’s your favorite beer?) Lucky we live in Los Alamos!



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