By Lisa Reader and family

Los Alamos
We would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many, many people and organizations who have reached out to us in the aftermath of our barn fire and the loss of our beloved mare Sparkling Moonshine.
Our family has received more hugs and casseroles and physical labor assistance and financial generosity than we can begin to count, and we just want to let everyone know how much we appreciate your kindness. Los Alamos County’s Police and Fire Departments rapid response helped save the other horses, and keep the fire from spreading. Los Alamos Parks Department and Solid Waste were on the job right from the start and we are so grateful for the help in clearing the lot. Community Development, Parks, Utilities, and Public Works are helping prepare for the daunting task of rebuilding.
The Los Alamos Stable Owners Association, Los Alamos Pony Club, 4-H, Pajarito Riding Club, Pet Pangaea, the “Tractor Brigade,” and so many others have reached out with aid in the form of temporary housing for our other horses, replacement equipment, hay and grain. We can’t begin to list the individuals, you know who you are, but your hugs and phone calls and actual presence and continued support has been a lifesaver. We couldn’t ask for better friends. The community concern and generosity helps fill the hole in our hearts left by this frightening event, every horse owner’s nightmare.
Again, thanks so much, Los Alamos, you are the best community!