Letter to the Editor: Los Alamos Police Department Problems Should Be Resolved Post-Haste … Not Left for New Chief to Handle

Los Alamos

I can understand Mr. Pippin’s frustration at the system in place to meet the canditates for chief, but his letter brought up additional questions. 

The problem with the Police Department seems to be lack of leadership. They should not be waiting for new leadership in the Police Department, but rather be taken care of issues as they arise. And if the Acting Chief doesn’t have the authority to do so, it should be taken care of post-haste by the County Administrator.

That is why the County, and every other government agency, has hierarchical leadership. If the Police Department can’t take care of itself, then the County Administrator needs to step in.

A new Chief cannot rectify the troubles at the Police Department. Current County leadership needs to take charge and clean house before selecting a new Chief to come in and step over the mess that they shoved under the rug.


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