Letter To The Editor: Los Alamos Overbearingly Burdened By Derivative, Banal Scientific Jargon

Los Alamos

The symbology of this town is unbearable.

I cannot seem to turn a corner without looking at some vaguely scientific, yet minimally-designed logo that brands itself  as “cute” or “quirky” by appealing to some chemistry joke or recognized symbol.

I’ve had enough of this.

The populace of this town is well aware that there is a national lab here, and that science is a major part of our existence, but have we not overcome this as our identity? Is Los Alamos not unique or special enough to separate our identity from the chemical symbol of uranium or whatnot?

As a recent resident of Los Alamos, I’ve found this charming town overbearingly burdened by the derivative and banal scientific jargon.

Please, for the sake of the cultural development of this town, consider literally any other stylistic choice in branding a new amenity for the county. Move past the blase and accept the potential of creating a Los Alamos that would appeal to young professionals like myself, rather than the kitschy tourist stop with a lab.