Letter to the Editor: Los Alamos: Live Exponentially, Or Where Discoveries Are Made

Los Alamos

As a 40+ year resident of Los Alamos, I can understand our slogan “Where Discoveries Are Made.” This slogan represents us, and I can see this slogan being used to attract tourists and visitors. However, this same slogan could apply to most national and state parks, or to Canyon Road in the City Different, and to many other places.

Thinking as an outsider to Los Alamos, which is hard to do after living here for 40 years, our slogan says “Visit Me.” The intended stated purpose of the branding slogan “Live Exponentially” is to entice people and businesses to move and to “Live” in Los Alamos and not just visit. “Live Exponentially” is not intended to market to tourists, but to entice outsiders and businesses to move here.

It has taken me some time to recognize the difference in marketing effectiveness between the two slogans.