Letter to the Editor: Los Alamos Has Lots Of Potential; Let’s Tap Into It In 2015

Los Alamos

It’s been clear from the number of letters written over the last few weeks that  Los Alamos County’s attempt to re-brand itself with the slogan “Live Exponentially” was not popular with people here in town.

I understand the need for branding, and why the County Council was pursuing this project. However, I think they were misguided in their attempts with the slogan “Living Exponentially.” Simply, that is not who we are as a town, and the people here did not want to be misrepresented. I include myself in that number.

That being said, we do need to think outside of the box and decide what we want as a town, how we want to represent ourselves to the wide world, and how we will attract people and businesses to stay. “Where Discoveries Are Made” is a good starting point, but where do we go from there?

In the almost 12 years I have lived in Los Alamos, I have always felt that we were having an identity crisis as a town. I’m not sure what the root of this crisis is, be it the end of the cold war, 25 years ago, and the subsequent “loss of mission” from that, or the fact that we’re suffering from an incurable case of “analysis paralysis.” It is clear, however, that we are in a state of internal and prolonged chaos.

Before we try to “rebrand” ourselves, I think we need to figure out who we are as a town.

So Los Alamos, what do you think? Who are we? How should we represent ourselves to the world? Each of us need to ask ourselves, as well, “What am I doing to make Los Alamos a better place?” To the County Council, I ask, what will your contribution be to discovering who we are as a town? And what will you do to make Los Alamos a better place to live and work?

I suggest we start by building on our strengths as a town, figuring out WHO we are as a town and WHAT we want, and going forward with that, instead of trying to be something and someplace we are not. Los Alamos does have a lot of potential; let’s tap into that in 2015.


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